Scientific Anglers Volantis Integrated WF-F

Scientific Anglers

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Scientific Anglers Volantis Integrated WF Floating

Scientific Anglers´ first speciality sea trout fly line is everything that you would expect from one of the leading fly line manufacturers worldwide. It features a well rounded taper that offers enough power to handle strong winds and big flies, while the longer transition between belly and running line enables you to mak delicate presentations when fishing in calm conditions, clear water and spooky fish. In our opinion one of the finest fly lines for sea trout fishing that has ever been produced! 
The coating of this line is exceptionally smooth and durable and its perfomance is consistent very consistent even in very low temperatures. With its extra stiff, low stretch braided core the Volantis Integrated ensures that you always have the most direct contact to the fly and the fish posssible.


  • Compact and powerfull belly of 10.1m length
  • Long handling zone for improved control and presentation
  • Extra thin and smooth running line
  • AST coating technology
  • Total length 32m


  • Weight: 0.1 g
  • Length: 32m
  • Length Belly: 10,1m

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