Mountain River Baltic Seatrout 2.0 X-Long WF-F

Mountain River

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Product Description

Mountain River Baltic Sea Trout 2.0 X-Long Floating

Specifically designed for the needs of coastal fly fishermen! The Baltic Seatrout 2.0 features a compact belly that can cut through the wind and turn over large, heavy flies and an extra thin running line for maximum casting distance. Espacially the lower price compared to other coastal sea trout fly lines make it an optmal choice for beginners or anyone who is looking for cost effective alternative. 


  • Compact and powerful belly with a length of 10.2m
  • Extra thin and slick running line for long casts
  • Floating belly and running line
  • Total length of 35m
  • Welded loops
  • Made in England


  • Weight: 0.1 g
  • Length: 35m

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