Nextcast Salar Finder 40 Belly

99,00 €
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Mittlerweile sind die Nextcast Schussköpfe mehr als nur ein Geheimtipp. Unter versierten Lachsanglern sind sie eher zum Standard geworden. Der SF40 Belly ist der Allround-Schusskopf von Nextcast und kann je nach Situation mit Tips in einer Länge von 10-15ft gefischt werden.
Sinking Rate :
Line Weight :
99,00 €

Nextcast Salar Finder 40 Belly

In our opinion, the Nextcast shooting heads are among the best two-hand shooting heads currently available on the market. The powerful taper with extra weight at the rear end ensures that these shooting heads are particularly easy to lift and also charge the rod when there is no backspace for a pronounced D Loop. At the same time they have a very fine front taper, so they also harmonise well with long leaders and small flies. The coating is one of the best and softest we have ever seen, which is a real advantage especially with thick two-hand lines.
The continuous Salafinder40 Bellyis ideal as the basis for an all-round system and works well at short, medium but also long distances. You can combine it with 10ft tips, but also with 15ft tips.



model Cord class Weight Length
FF, F2, 11, 13, 35, 57 7/8 30.5g 8.2m
FF, F2, 11, 13, 35, 57 8/9 33.0g 8.5m
FF, F2, 11, 13, 35, 57 9/10 35.6g 8.8m
FF, F2, 11, 13, 35, 57 10/11 38.9g 9.4m
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