FRÖDINFLIES FITS Tungsten 1/2 Turbo Cones

Frödin Flies

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Product Description

FRÖDINFLIES FITS Tungsten 1/2 Turbo Cones


The FITS 1/2 turbo is a cone that has been on the market some time now. These are the cones that are on our very popular “Classic Series” of flies. The old ones were a bit too clumsy and tricky to tie with. The advantage of a cone that also steers the fly and not only balance the hook is on some flies obvious. The new tungsten 1/2 turbo is neater, better looking and the tungsten density makes them steer and balance even better. The smallest ones are superb for our slim summer flies. The half turbo gives a fly with a medium broad profile.


  • Weight: 10 g

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