C&F Design Midge Rotary Hackle Pliers (CFT-140-Midge)

C&F Design

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Product Description

C&F Midge Design Rotary Hackle Pliers (CFT-140-Midge)


Featuring the same head as the CFT-120-Midge these hackle pliers come with a long, rotating grip. In the end it comes down to personal preference when choosing and we would recommend the CFT-140-Midge Rotary Hackle Pliers to anyone who focusses on tying smaller fly patterns and prefers extra control when tying flies.

  • C&F Hackle Pliers Head (same as CFT-120-Midge)
  • Rotating joint for working at different angles
  • High quality brass hilt with pearl chromium finish


  • Weight: 15 g
  • Tool: Hackle Pliers

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