C&F Design Midge Biot Pliers (CFT-120-V-Midge)

C&F Design

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Product Description

C&F Design Midge Biot Pliers (CFT-120-V-Midge)


These hackle pliers are specifically designed for flat materials. The C&F Midge Biot Pliers have slightly angled jaws to increase the surface area and effectively hold flat materials such as goose biots, flat body materials or any other flat material. The Midge Biot Pliers are perfect for anyone who primarily ties smaller flies such as dry flies, nymphs or small streamers.

  • The head has a sight flare at the nose to minimize the risk of cutting materials
  • The gripping surface inside is sandblasted to prevent slippage
  • The shock-absorbing elastomer joint and rubber o-ring gives you a good touch and tension


  • Weight: 15 g

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