C&F Design 3-in-1 Dubbing Brush (CFT-70)

C&F Design

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Product Description

C&F Design 3-in-1 Dubbing Brush (CFT-70)


The CFT-70 is arguably one of the best fly tying tool out there. It combines a very precise dubbing needle, a half hitch tool and probably the best dubbing brush we have ever used. Once you have used this excellent fly tying tool you dont want to miss it anymore. 


  • A sharp needle for cleaning hook eyes, boringholes on a foam piece, or delicate
    dividing work.The angled section holds head cement for easyapplication.
  • The brush in the middle is made of fine stainlesswire for picking out dubbed
  • A hitcher at the end of the handle comes inhandy for temporarily securing thread
    at the eye.


  • Weight: 15 g

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