Whiting Spey Rooster Cape Silver Grade


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Whiting Spey Rooster Cape Silver Grade


These are the original feathers used to tie the original Pattegrisen. We consider these feathers a must have for any ambitious ambitious fly tier. Their long, fine fibers that spread individually without sticking together cannot be found in any other material on the market. Spey hackles allow you to tie flies with a large silhouette, high translucency and a lot of movement that are still easy to cast.

The Silver Grade Spey Rooster Capes are of extraordinary quality and almost impossible to get hold of. Due to the extremly high fiber density they are perfect for large baitfish or shrimp patterns and spey style salmon flies. Don´t be put off by the higher price, as they are also extremely productive and you will be able to tie hundreds, if not more than a thousand flies with it.


  • Weight: 100 g

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