Guideline Halo DH Fly Reel


299,00 € - 319,00 €



Product Description

In it’s price range HALO has class leading qualities in all aspects of material and manufacturing. These large arbor fly reels are cnc-machined of high quality aluminium to ensure a top experience on the water and flawless functionality. All models come with a full frame design/rim cage to stabilize the frame and prevent thin shooting lines from getting caught between frame and spool. A construction that meets the multitude of fly lines in modern fly fishing. The large arbor design of these light weight fly reels gives a quick retrieve and less coiling of the fly line. The smooth, precise and sealed drag system on the Halo is well proven over years of fishing in all elements. Six reel models sets the range from the most delicate Euro Nymphing via trout- and salmon fishing to the craziest tropical battles.

The Halo DH is specifically designed for double handed fishing and is thus slightly heavier to generated the desired counterweight. It can however also be combined with heavy one handed rods from #10 and upwards.


Model Weight Capacity
79DH 219g 33g Spey Line + 200m 30lbs Backing
911DH 226g 40g Spey Line + 250m 30lbs Backing


  • Weight: 1 g

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