Guideline 4-Cast WF F/S5


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Guideline 4-Cast WF-F/S3

An absolute allround weight forward fly line with a slightly longer belly and excellent presentation also on longer casts. We actually really like the longer belly as it gives you the necessary stability and control when when making long casts and fishing long leaders. However, its long and fine front taper also works really well for delicate presentations on short to medium casts.

The F/S1 is an ideal choice for coastal and stillwater fishing or when you want to swing a fly just below the surface.
The 4-Cast F/S3 has a 4.5m S3 sinking tip, thus making it an ideal allround line for streamer fishing in lakes and river.
The F/S5 version is especially usefull when dealing with strong currents and deep pools as it allows you to present the fly at the right depth while still allowing you to handle the line and the current.


Line Weight Weight 9,14m Head Length/Weight Total Length
WF #3  7 gram 10,4 meter/8 gram 27,5 m
WF #4 8 gram 10,5 meter/10 gram 27,5 m
WF #5 10 gram 10,8 meter/12 gram 27,5 m
WF #6 12 gram 11,1 meter/14 gram 27,5 m
WF #7 14 gram 11,4 meter/16 gram 27,5 m


  • Weight: 0.1 g
  • custom label: K&HD Favorite

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