Scientific Anglers SBT Short Belly Taper WF-F

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Scientific Anglers Mastery SBT Short Belly Taper WF-F

The Mastery SBT fly line is the perfect choice for smaller rivers be it for dry fly fishing or sea trout fishing in the small streams in northern Germany and Scandinavia. With its extra short belly the SBT starts loading the rod with minimum amount of line in the air or when roll casting. From #6 upwards this line has enough power to also turn over larger streamers or tube flies. 
As every Mastery fly line the Mastrey SBT has an excellent, smooth coating aswell as a well thought through taper design. 
We recommend this line to anyone who primarily fishes small streams or fly fishermen who in general prefer slightly heavier, compact tapers. 


Class Head Length Head Weight Total Length
#2 6,6m 6,5g 30,5m
#3 6,8m 7,8g 30,5m
#4 7,1m 9,0g 30,5m
#5 7,4m 10,4g 30,5m
#6 7,7m 11,9g 30,5m
#7 8,0m 13,6g 30,5m
#8 8,3m 15,5g 30,5m


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