Guideline Coastal Evolve WF Fast Intermediate


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Product Description

Guideline Coastal Evolve

This is our most popular sea trout line which is also part of our own K&HD line system. It easil handles wind, large flies and long distances while still offering good presentation. The new Guideline Coastal Evolve comes in floating, slow intermediate and fast intermediate so you can always adapt to the given conditions. The fast intermediate line is perfect for big waves or deep water. With just under 10m the head is compact enough to load the rod effectively but still long enough for good control and presentation on longer cast. We recommend to choose the same line weight as your rod as this line is slightly heavier to fit the needs of coastal anglers.

Sinking Rate: 3,8cm/s


Line Weight Head Weight Head Length
#5 13,5g 9,8m
#6 15,5g 9,8m
#7 17,5g 9,8m
#8 19,5g 9,8m
#9 21,5g 9,8m


  • Weight: 1 g
  • Length: 32m
  • Length Belly: 9,8m

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