Guideline 4-Cast WF-F


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Guideline 4-Cast WF-F


An absolute allround weight forward fly line with a slightly longer belly and excellent presentation also on longer casts. We actually really like the longer belly as it gives you the necessary stability and control when when making long casts and fishing long leaders. However, its long and fine front taper also works really well for delicate presentations on short to medium casts.
If you are looking for a line that works well under most conditions and enables you to effectively fish small streams, larger rivers, lakes or at the coast or a line primarily for casts from 15-25m or more the Guideline 4-Cast is an excellent choice. If you however are looking for a speciality line for small streams, roll casting in tight corners, etc. we would recommend a shorter belly line with more weight in the front such as the Guideline Power Presentation. 


  • Weight: 0.1 g
  • custom label: K&HD Favorite

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