FUTURE FLY Zonker Tube Fly Black & Silver

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FUTURE FLY Zonker Tube Fly Yellow


The Future Fly Zonker Tube Flies are made 100% of the high quality future fly materials. Developed at the Danish salmon rivers these flies work extremely well especially during early season or high water. The zonker strip is made from American Opossum and the strips are cut extra thin resulting in long flies that are still not too bulky. Compared to classic hair wing flies these zonker flies add a lot of vertical movement to the fly which often triggers the fish. They are available in 4cm and 6cm length and are weighted to bring the fly down to the fish as quickly as possible

If you don´t know which fly to choose, choose black! The classic color Combination of the Future Fly Black & Silver Zonker works virtually anywhere in the world at any time. Choose the larger version for high, colored water or in early season and the smaller 4cm version from mid to late season especially in low, clear water.


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