McLean Sea Trout XXL Landing Net


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Product Description

McLean Sea Trout XXL Landing Net


Mclean’s super sturdy seatrout net made in NZ is the perfect choice for all salmon and sea trout anglers that target fish up to 20lb.
No matter under which condition McLean´s Sea Trout XXL net will higly improve your chance of a safe landing – for the fish and for the fishermen.
Especially when fishing from high banks such as at the Danish lowland rivers a handlanding is often not even an option. The McLean Sea Trout XXL is the number one choice for all serious salmon anglers and guides all around the world, especially when a handling is out of question.
Its design and build quality is extraordinarily robust and made to last – as expected from McLean.
While it can handle larger fish if needed we would recommend the McLean´s Salmon XXL net, should you target large early season fish or fish waters with high average fish sizes.


  • Reatractable telescopic handle extends overall length
  • Pear shaped extra sturdy fixed frame net with bronze anodised finish
  • Rubber mesh net bag


  • Weight: 500 g

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