C&F Design Standard Bobbin Holder Long (CFT-60-L)

C&F Design

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Product Description

C&F Design Standard Bobbin Holder Long (CFT-60-L)


Maybe the finest fly tying bobbin there is. The C&F Bobbin is precisely crafted, well balanced and holds your thread securely in place. We recommend the CFT-6-L for medium and large flies especially when using long, bushy materials or if you prefer a longer bobbin shaft in general. Optimal for tying the famous Pattegrisen!

  • Optimized bobbin weight (17g) helps keep tension on material during tying
  • Teflon-coated bobbin arms for smooth spool revolution
  • Clever Micro Slit Foam design in bobbin nose to retain constant thread tension
  • Bobbin tube made of zirconium ceramic to reduce thread breakage
  • Comes with a bobbin threader
  • The 9.5 mm longer noses from the standard models make difference in tying comfort,especially for larger flies


  • Weight: 17 g

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