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LPX Chrome fly rods are designed and built with a brand new rod action. They have a ¾ deep action which allows the rod to work earlier in the cast without sacrificing the rods speed. They impress with their lightness, stability and responsive action. These fly rods are the perfect...
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779,00 €
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LPX Chrome fly rods are designed and built with a brand new rod action. They have a ¾ deep action which allows the rod to work earlier in the cast without sacrificing the rods speed. They impress with their lightness, stability and responsive action. These fly rods are the perfect tools for hunting big sea trout, salmon or steelhead. The LPX Chrome are premium rods with features rarely found at this price point.
The secret behind the distinct rod action is our C.A.P M4.0™ technology, an advanced carbon layup that creates a unique rod flex that packs a punch. The action is best described as medium-paced and progressive with quick recovery. The tip section has great stability for setting sharp loops and the power to lift heavy sinking lines. When casting, you are easily connected to the lower part of the rod, creating a remarkable kick/catapult effect at the ready, allowing long casts to be made with little effort. The unique lateral stability of the LPX Chrome ensures that the fly line follows the rod extremely well as you swing and rotate the rod during the cast. This leads to more precise casts, higher line speeds and cleaner loops. A truly new action that will set the standard for our future fly rods.

The LPX Chrome rods have a specially developed reel seat and FLOR quality cork handles with rubber cork reinforcements, making them even more durable. Actions are customized for each model and length to ensure you get the best casting and fishing tool for a specific fishing situation. For the 12'3", 12'6" and 12'9" models, we recommend our compact 3D+ shooting head series or the 4D Compact Body and Tip concept. Rods from 13'9" to 15'9" work excellently with the original 4D and 3D+ shooting heads.


12'3 #6/7 4pc - A really light and small two-handed rod. Designed for use on small to medium sized rivers when gentle presentation to timid fish is important. Yet it is strong enough to handle larger fish and flies as well as different types of lines and casts.

12'6 #7/8 4pc - is an increasingly popular model. Ideal for small to medium sized rivers like in Iceland. An ultra light rod with excellent stability and response that will allow you to fish for hours with ease.

12'9 #8/9 4pc - This rod is suitable for a variety of rivers from small to medium sized. Perfect for those summer days with medium to low water levels. A rod that connects you to the cast in a whole new way. One of our favourites!

13'9 #9/10 4pc - If you want a rod that covers almost everything then this is it. Light weight and a crisp, medium-fast flex with lots of power. Designed for every casting style and everything from sinking to floating lines with larger flies.

14'9 #10/11 4pc - is the perfect tool for spring fishing when the rivers are cold and high and large flies and heavy sinker lines are used. Despite this, you have an incredibly light, stable and responsive fly rod. Our favourite


  • C.A.P M4.0 advanced blank construction technology.
  • Medium-fast action with a blank construction that allows for a fast reset speed.
  • Versatile rod action that casts all types of line cleanly.
  • Super light rods with a low swing weight that will allow you to fish for hours in search of chrome without tiring.
  • High quality FLOR cork grips that will stand the test of time and countless tough days on the water.
  • Matt grey/teal hard-anodized reel seat with "CHROME logo" to ensure the thickest and hardest possible anodized layer.
  • Single leg PVD coated rod guides in a semi-matt gun smoke finish. Strong finish without toxic lead.
  • GL ECO-Tech ™, no grinding blanks that produce harmful dust in the manufacturing facility.
  • Low Toxic Resins: Adhesives and varnishes on the bars have very low content of harmful substances, which leads to a healthier worker environment.



Model Long line class Weight To you casting weight
LPX Chrome DH 12’3" #6/7 179 g 4 pc 25-27g / 385-420 grains
LPX Chrome DH 12’6" #7/8 184 g 4 pc 28-31g / 430-480 grains
LPX Chrome DH 12’9" #8/9 195 g 4 pc 32-35g / 490-540 grains
LPX Chrome DH 13’9" #9/10 210 g 4 pc 37-40g / 570-620 grains
LPX Chrome DH 14’9" #10/11 249 g 4 pc 43-47g / 660-720 grains
LPX Chrome DH 15’9" #10/11 262 g 4 pc 45-50g / 690-770 grains



C.A.P M4.0™ offers spectacular performance with flawless recovery and unrivaled precision. The C.A.P technology is characterized by a Complex Axial Pattern (CAP) in connection with unidirectional carbon fiber layers. With CAP, the layers of carbon fiber are placed at different angles to each other to maximize strength and stability in all directions. A unidirectional carbon fiber web has all fibers running in a single, parallel direction, ensuring maximum longitudinal strength. M4.0™ is the resin we use for this type of blank construction. The properties of this resin fill the gaps in the carbon fabric more effectively than ordinary resins and have higher strength. It also reduces the overall need for resin in bare build. The result is lighter rods than ever before.


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