Guideline NT8:6 Double Hand Rod

955,00 €
inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten. Für Lieferadressen ausßerhalb Deutschlands können die Mehrwertsteuersätze an der Kasse variieren.
Die NT:8 gehört unserer Meinung nach zu den absoluten Premium Zweihandruten momentan, aber dies zu einem wirklich attraktiven Preis. Die Aktion ist kraftvoll und schnell, aber geht bos ins Handteil.
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955,00 €

GUIDELINE NT8:6 Double Hand

The Guideline NT8 two-handed rods are, in our opinion, one of the absolute top rods on the world market at the moment. The blank is incredibly light and powerful with a fast taper and extra power in the lower third. The action of the rod is perfectly designed for the modern Scandi style and delivers even heavy sinking lines effortlessly to their destination.

A special feature is the extremely high-quality cork handle, which does not require any filler and has rarely been seen on mass-produced rods in recent years. All in all, only high-quality components were used and the simple look is convincing.

Since we could not notice any significant difference in performance compared to the 4-piece models, we decided to include the 6-piece models in our range, as the advantage when travelling, especially by plane, is immense.


  • Handle made from the highest quality Portuguese Super Greade cork
  • .
  • Carbon-coloured blank with satin finish
  • .
  • Lightweight titanium insert rings
  • Fuji KW guide ring
  • Aluminium reel seat with carbon spacer
  • Lightweight, padded transport tube

Model Length Cord class Weight Recommended casting weight
NT8 12978 12'9" #7/8 207g 27-30g / 420-465 grains
NT8 12989 12'9" #8/9 212g 30-33g / 465-510 grains
NT8 129910 12'9" #9/10 215g 34-37g / 525-570 grains
NT8 13989 13'9" #8/9 230g 30-33g / 465-510 grains
NT8 139910 13'9" #9/10 235g 34-37g / 525-570 grains
NT8 149910 14'9" #9/10 261g 34-37g / 525-570 grains
NT8 1491011 14'9" #10/11 271g 41-44g / 630-680 grain
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